The buzz from our clients and students

We asked our students and clients to share with us some of their thoughts and experiences at our Center.

It is fantastic, as a medical doctor, to be able to offer my patients a healing technique that not only will address their specific musculoskeletal problems, but will also help prevent future injuries and teach them about their bodies. 
~ Lisa Capaldini, MD (Voted 'Best Doctor', SF Bay Guardian, 2006)
My life completely changed for the better. I went from being completely unable to works and in constant strong pain due to an injury to my back, to being able to return to a normal live and remain pain free. This was after the doctors had given up on me. Feldenkrais is simply miraculous!
~ Cherie Ferhman, Designer and Writer.
After… class I feel more relaxed and more physically expressive. I have found new ways to move and my whole body becomes more involved in movements that used to be isolated… 
~ Gary Wilson, Security officer/Actor.
I came to class because I wanted noncompetitive exercise where I did not even compete with my former self! 
~ Lulu Ezekial, Artist
I always discover some new subtle pattern of holding and always experience a considerable release during the lesson. My favorite lesson so far is some times called ‘candelabra’ – it works with the ribs, shoulders and arms, but I find it has real impact on my lower back and pelvis… 
~ Tonia Macneil, Public Art Curator.
The Feldenkrais Method gave me the ability to sleep soundly once again. I love the ‘ah ha’ feeling I get when I learn something new about my body. 
~ Judy Kingsley, Manager, educational nonprofit organization.
At least six months have passed since I started with the Feldenkrais program. I can remember before I started I had difficulty walking sitting and breathing... I feel I am more nimble than I did 6 month ago and I seem to have a more positive attitude towards my well-being. I walk more upright and energetically. I am more aware of my body movement than ever. 
~ Walter Moy, Retired
I have found that Feldenkrais taken once a week helped with the pain and limitation of fibromyalgia. 
~ Jean Shallenberger
I keep coming to class because it is something I enjoy doing for my well being. I started in August of ‘92 when I was experiencing a lot of stiffness, pain and difficulty in walking. (Now) I enjoy walking and don’t experience the stiffness after sitting like I used to. The orthopedic surgeon was ready to operate. That no longer is necessary. I have enjoyed the variety and gifts of seven different Feldenkrais practitioners over the years.
~ Shirley Kaiser, High School Counselor